International Compliance

Go beyond the UK and ensure compliance overseas - the Beyondly circle is worldwide!

Beyondly is an expert, independent and approved producer compliance scheme providing cost-effective, innovative, and integrated environmental solutions designed to support businesses with environmental legislation in the UK and beyond.  

Our dedicated international team can investigate your WEEE, packaging and batteries operations overseas and provide a tailor-made compliance solution for your organisation. 

Are you obligated overseas?

You may be affected by WEEE, packaging or batteries waste regulations outside the UK, if:

  • Your organisation has a UK based head office and you export products overseas
  • Your organisation has a physical presence in another country
  • Your organisation distance sells via the internet or mail order
  • Your organisation has plans to expand operations beyond the UK

Why Beyondly?

International legislation is different in every country. Our expert international compliance team has the knowledge to give your business the confidence you’re meeting all environmental responsibilities.

We can help you determine your obligation in each country, register your business with the relevant authorities where needed, and support you with data submissions to achieve every required deadline for ongoing compliance.

You will benefit from one point of contact at Beyondly to manage your single or multiple overseas registrations, and as a B Corp accredited scheme and consultancy, you can also take advantage of various environmental consultancy services to meet your wider climate impact goals.

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