Member only education event: Packaging EPR update & preparing for 2024

Join us in Leeds for an engaging packaging EPR and data submission update session with our policy and packaging compliance experts!

The 2007 Producer Responsibility Packaging Waste Regulations are running alongside the data reporting requirements under Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Regulations in 2024. This means some packaging producers will need to carry out 3 data submissions for the 2024 compliance year. Beyondly is here to demystify the complexities and ensure your journey to compliance in this new era is as easy as possible.

During this in-person educational event, our experts will provide a full update about how packaging compliance will work in 2024, what producers need to do from a data submission perspective and the subsequent financial impacts of achieving compliance. There will also be plenty of time allocated for a general Q&A and opportunity for 1-1 conversations with our packaging team to answer your specific queries.

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