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Beyondly's comprehensive, bespoke data management service is more than 10 years established, enabling companies obligated under the packaging waste regulations, including Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), to save resource and ensure an accurate data submission to the regulator.

Our dedicated team can pick up as much or as little as you need, guiding you through the complexities of the regulations. With a keen eye for detail and technical expertise, our data experts will act as extension of your business, to thoroughly  collect, manage, securely store and analyse your data, ready for submission to the regulator.


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Jan-Jun 2024 EPR deadline: 1 October 2024

The Beyondly team always goes beyond general expectations and produce bespoke solutions that meet and exceed our requirements.
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Beyondly's complete data management package

Data Gathering

Under Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) there are two data reporting obligations for which you must collect and submit data. Beyondly’s data management team will lead the data gathering process by preparing and sending data requests for UK and overseas suppliers.

Beyondly assist hundreds of organisations with a tailored approach. Once you have provided your product list and supplier details, Beyondly will take care of the rest by reaching out to each company and collating all packaging component data into one single report.

Your data will then be sense checked, ready for submission!

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Obligation Calculations

Beyondly’s data management team will provide an analysis of your ‘packaging supplied’ data and support with the calculation of your bi-annual data reporting obligation with a written methodology.

This part of the data management services, provide reassurance and peace of mind when it comes to your bi-annual data reporting. Beyondly will calculate your obligation, carry out an analysis of your company business activities, to determine points of obligation under EPR and share a detailed comparison of data variances from one submission to the next.

Beyondly will also provide everything you need if your data is requested by the regulator.

  • Production of written methodology document.
  • Provision of accurate data trail, available if required by the regulator.
  • Retention of all related records for required minimum 7-year period.


Data Insights

Beyondly insights, will provide you with everything you need to fully understand your data set, costs, and packaging reliability.  Our team will conduct an annual review of your data, providing you with key industry and business insights that will help guide future business decision as we await the implementation of modulated fees. The insights provided include;

  • PRN cost analysis.
  • EPR Household waste management costs.
  • Cost contribution.
  • Data coverage and accuracy.
  • Supplier / customer analysis.

Nation Data

Nation data reporting is a new obligation and has been introduced to facilitate the tracking of progress to meet packaging waste recycling targets in each UK nation.

Beyondly will assist you in understanding your business nation data obligation through analysis of your packaging data, considering business activities, and reporting requirements.

Following this, we will assist with calculation of your annual nation data submission.

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