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Plastic Packaging Tax

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HMRC declare Plastic Packaging Tax rate increase in Autumn 2023 budget!

Avoid fines and gain confidence in navigating the plastic packaging tax responsibly  

HMRC introduced the plastic packaging tax in the UK on 1 April 2022, as part of the UK’s resources and waste strategy to encourage the usage of recycled material in plastic packaging in the UK.

Are you liable for the tax?

Plastic packaging components manufactured in and imported into the UK are liable for a specific material tax at £217.85 per tonne where it does not meet a minimum recycled content of 30% by weight.
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Complete your tax return with Beyondly!

Allow Beyondly to gather the data you need to complete your tax return. The Beyondly team can fulfil your plastic tax responsibilities by preparing your data ready for upload to the HMRC portal, enabling you to meet ongoing plastic tax requirements with ease.

Understand your liability

Calculate your specific plastic tax liability and the effects of the tax on your business, including financial, data and reporting aspects. Beyondly deliver expert recommendations on mitigation options available to your business to reduce the impacts and manage your liability.

Check your reporting methodology & calculations

Beyondly will screen your calculations and formulas to approve your tax liability date, total liability, and cost. Our review of your methodology will help to minimise the risk of non-compliance or financial penalty.

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Need confirmation of 30% recycled content? 

We can also support companies with provision of a legitimate method for evidencing and validating the recycled content within plastic packaging with a Sustainably Source Plastics (SSP) Certification. This give you assurance that your packaging meets requirements of self-declaration listed in ISO 14021 and / or compliance with the Plastic Packaging Tax regarding recycled content.
These conditions must be met to validate claims about the presence of recycled content in packaging; a key marketing tool for delivering product benefit to customers.
Contact our friendly team for any specific plastic packaging tax questions and allow us to guide you to achieving compliance. 

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Working with Hexcel Composites

“Having worked with Beyondly for a number of years, they have always been easy to work with and take the headache out of compliance. Our most recent involvement with the plastic packaging tax enabled us to quickly understand our liabilities and ensure we met the requirements from HMRC. The team are professional and great to work with”.

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