Packaging Recyclability

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Prepare your packaging for EPR and avoid increased costs, by improving the recyclability of your packaging.

The UK Government are changing the packaging compliance system. The amount producers pay in compliance costs will vary, with harder to recycle packaging components being subject to a higher price from 2026 (Fee Modulation).

Beyondly's relationships with OPRL & Recoup enhance our service, supporting the work of our experts, to classify the recyclability of consumer packaging for products. Combining these insights, with our teams industry expertise, Beyondly has the ability to advise why an item is less recyclable and what can be done to modify the packaging. 

Changes to packaging takes time, requiring input across multiple departments, so Beyondly urge businesses to take action now and review their packaging recyclability.

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Are you ready for 2026? 

The harder to recycle packaging formats and materials will equate to higher EPR waste management fees for businesses. It is generally accepted by industry that packaging recyclability is heavily influenced by three key aspects:

  1. How easy it is for consumers to recycle the packaging?
  2. Whether the UK’s recycling infrastructure will collect that material/packaging combination and how effectively it will be recycled and reprocessed into secondary raw materials
  3. The available market for that materials recyclate

Prepare with Beyondly

Projects starting from £1,200 plus VAT

Beyondly apply industry knowledge and expertise to screen your packaging portfolio, to identify problematic materials and formats. Our team of packaging experts will help you understand what the increase to your EPR disposal fees could be and provide data driven recommendations to increase your packaging recyclability. A second estimation will be provided once we have the confirmed fees from Defra.

Finally, Beyondly will provide guidance on recyclability labelling, ahead of mandatory labelling requirements as part of the drafted Recycling Information Obligation under EPR from April 2027. 

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Our Packaging Recyclability experts


Chris Smith (CRWM)
Lead Consultant - Resource Efficiency & Circularity


Charlotte Davies (AIEMA)
Senior Consultant - Resource Efficiency & Circularity

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Incentivising packaging recyclability through modulated fees!

Eco-modulation is an innovative environmental approach that involves incentivising or penalising businesses based on their choice of packaging materials, with the aim of encouraging environmentally responsible practices.

Obligated for packaging EPR?

Following a recent survey, 75% of Beyondly members are confident they are using easy to recycle packaging materials, therefore will face lower fees come 2026.

Achieve compliance with UK packaging waste regulations. Beyondly provide a smarter way to fulfil your packaging obligation. 

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Beyond packaging EPR

Despite EPR being at the forefront of industry action, in the future Defra could modulate packaging disposal fees, with other considerations in addition to recyclability, such as packaging reuse, the environmental impact of creating the packaging and the environmental impact of disposing your packaging.

Beyondly's bespoke support will improve the environmental performance of your packaging with data driven insights designed to future proof your packaging design. 

*Insight gathered from recent questionnaire during H1 & H2 2023 EPR submissions.

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