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Be a force for good and achieve reliable compliance with the WEEE regulations.

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Regulations (2013) became law in the UK on 1 January 2014, replacing the WEEE regulations 2006.
The legislation aims to divert electrical waste from landfill and places the onus on producers to be responsible for the electrical items they sell when they become waste. 
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Are you obligated?

If your business is the first party to place electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) on the UK market by importing, manufacturing, rebranding, or distance selling, you are considered a producer and are affected by the WEEE Regulations.

To comply, producers are required to report on the total weight of EEE placed onto the UK market throughout the year and can do this by joining a compliance scheme like Beyondly (or registering directly with the Environment Agency if placing less than 5 tonnes of WEEE onto the UK market annually).

Join the UK's largest WEEE scheme!

Beyondly is the UK’s largest WEEE and B Corp accredited compliance scheme offering a straightforward way to fulfil your WEEE obligation. Join the Beyondly circle with 1700 other obligated members.

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Why Beyondly?

  • Dedicated Account Team
  • Fulfilment of legal obligation
  • Completion of Environment Agency data submissions
  • Regular updates on WEEE Extended Producer Responsibility
  • Advanced online membership account 
  • Reviews of data collection processes to increase efficiency
  • Free webinars on a host of environmental topics
  • Discounts across other Comply Direct services
  • Support with Environment Agency audits
  • Downloadable compliance support documents
  • Annual compliance certificates
  • Free email newsletters

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Becoming fully compliant with the WEEE regulations and registering your business with Beyondly as a WEEE scheme member is simple, cost-effective, and online for your convenience.

Get moving today and become an esteemed member of Beyondly! All you need to do is complete our online membership form.

Not the first business to place the item onto the UK market, but you do sell EEE to household end users? You will have an obligation as a WEEE distributor. A distributor must offer in-store take back or join the distributor take back scheme. Determine your specific take-back obligation today with our flowchart graphic!

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