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UK Packaging Compliance

Achieve compliance with UK packaging waste regulations, including EPR. Beyondly provide a smarter way to fulfil your packaging obligation. 

The 2007 Producer Responsibility Packaging Waste Regulations are running alongside the data reporting requirements under Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Regulations in 2024. This means some packaging producers will need to carry out 3 data submissions for the 2024 compliance year. 
Beyondly has membership solutions to ensure every type of packaging producer achieves compliance and most of all, to demystify complexities! 

How it all works

  • Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is a reform of the existing UK Packaging Waste Regulations
  • It is a new piece of legislation which introduces greater responsibility onto producers for supplying packaging material on the market
  • This will require them to pay the full net costs of the collection, sorting, recycling, and disposal of household packaging.
  • Producers will NOT have a financial obligation associated with their EPR data submission for 2024
  • Producers affected by the 2007 regulations will have a PRN (packaging recovery note) financial obligation based on their 2023 calendar year packaging data, to be presented in the data tables format in 2024 as per previous years.
  • Under EPR, a lower threshold has been introduced to integrate smaller producers (small organisations) into the packaging compliance system.
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Large organisations

To be obligated under the regulations as a large organisation, businesses must meet or exceed two thresholds:

  1. A turnover of more than £2 million, and;
  2. Exceed 50 tonnes or more of packaging supplied to the market annually.

If you meet the above thresholds, your business will be obligated by the 2007 packaging waste regulations, and possibly EPR requirements also. Get in touch to determine your obligations!

Small organisations

To be obligated under the regulations as a small organisation, businesses must meet or exceed two thresholds:

  1. A turnover of more than £1 million, and:
  2.  Exceed 25 tonnes or more of packaging supplied to the market annually.

Producers that meet or exceed this lower threshold are only obligated for reporting their packaging data, they have no financial obligation like those obligated by the higher threshold.

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As your dedicated compliance partner, Beyondly will help you root packaging regulations into your business, acting as a committed extension to your team.

  1. Join over 1700 companies and become a member of Beyondly
  2. Collect your data and submit it to us using our online data platform. We will do the rest.
  3. Your data will be submitted to the regulator ahead of the reporting deadlines

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If you are not a member of Beyondly you can still take advantage of our vast PRN procurement experience and utilise our UK wide network of accredited reprocessors and exporters generating PRN/PERNs accordingly.