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EPR submission support series: Part 2- Packaging data submission

Packaging Members Only

The second webinar in our 2-part series, aimed at guiding our members through the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) packaging data submission process, ahead of the second bi-annual data submission for large organisations and first annual data submission for small organisations opening on 1 January 2024.

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Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG); meeting the changing expectations of your supply chain.

Sustainability is becoming a license to operate, therefore having a credible plan for your business has never been more important. As a business you are likely to have experienced increasing demand from your customers and suppliers to meet certain requirements, make disclosures and participate in various initiatives, in order to continue working with them. During this webinar, we will break down these requirements, highlighting ESG criteria that will help you capture opportunities within your supply chain, using Universeā€™s sustainability journey as a case study.