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Environmental, Social, Governance

Prioritising Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards enables your business to make a real impact on humanity and the planet

Beyondly can help your business go above and beyond with our flexible ESG consultancy offering.

ESG Explained

Environmental, social, and governance criteria are used as a framework by organisations to evaluate their success in these areas, as well as manage risk and capture opportunities. The key objectives of ESG go beyond making short term profit, aiming to create positive social and environmental outcomes, and long-term sustainability.

Businesses are under increasing external pressures from socially responsible investors to make ESG related disclosures, and all types of investors are more regularly considering ESG integration as standard in the investment process.

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  • Environmental criteria address a company’s environmental impact and environmental stewardship.
  • Social criteria evaluate how a company manages relationships with and creates value for stakeholders.
  • Governance criteria address company leadership and management philosophy, practices, policies, internal controls and shareholder rights.

The Beyondly ESG Solution

Beyondly’s flexible ESG offering enables you to choose the ESG factors most relevant to your business and create your own timeline, so you can start small and take advantage of low initial costs to begin your ESG roadmap.

By listening and understanding, we determine the most feasible and tailored approach to help achieve your specific ESG goals. Whilst far from exhaustive, this can include conducting materiality assessments and interviews with key stakeholders, through to data analysis and reporting on recommended improvements in each ESG area.

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“I would like to thank you for an exceptional ESG report providing plenty of scope for improvement within our business and much food for thought for myself as I formulate our sustainability roadmap process. We will digest the content of your report and the recommended actions ready to implement them next year."