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Fund for Change

At Beyondly we go beyond by donating a proportion of our profits to making a difference

Beyondly’s vision is to create a better, fairer, sustainable world for all, and we can’t do it alone! Our expertise in environmental consultancy lends itself well to creating a sustainable world, but it is Beyondly’s Fund for Change that allows us to encourage a world that is better, fairer and more sustainable.  

At Beyondly, we donate a portion of our profits to making a difference through a grant giving process, selecting charities that, through our materiality assessment, address environmental, social and governance issues that are of upmost importance to all of our stakeholders at Beyondly.

Here we spotlight 3 of our ‘Fund for Change’ projects:

Skipton Step Into Action (SIA)

Supporting our local community!

SIA’s Pathways to Personal Growth project will offer employability skills, personal development and volunteering opportunities to the people of Skipton and surrounding areas, to remove barriers and open doors to employment, helping people achieve their goals. Individuals will also be encouraged to run their own local environmental initiatives. 

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National Oceanography Centre (NOC)

Supporting a project with a global impact!

A global research project that partners with Seakeepers (global membership of yacht owners) to run a research project studying the impact of plastic in oceans. Yacht owners will collect global water samples during their travels which will then be analysed at NOC’s laboratories. This research will help to answer questions including how plastic is travelling through our oceans and forming microplastic ‘hotspots’ and the key characteristics of the plastics as they degrade across the ocean.


Supporting the increase of plastics recycling!

Local Authority Plastic Recycling Campaign as we move towards consistency in kerbside collections, RECOUP will be developing and delivering a plastics recycling communication campaign to a specified local authority area to promote consistency, remove confusion and increase plastics collected for recycling.

In total we have supported 13 charities as part of our 2023 ‘Fund for Change':

  • National Oceanography Centre
  • Skipton Step Into Action
  • Share Skipton
  • Recycling Of Used Plastics (RECOUP)
  • Mustard Tree
  • Manchester Mind
  • North Yorks Moors National Park Trust
  • Yorkshire Children’s Trust
  • Teach the Future
  • The UK Sepsis Trust
  • Abbeyfield The Dales
  • Share the Care

Become a part of ‘Fund for Change’ to help achieve our vision

In support of our aims to be a ‘business for good’ we run our ‘Fund for Change’ programme annually, allowing us to support new charitable causes and community projects that deliver against our vision and purpose, to create positive impacts.

To be considered as one of our charities next year please complete our online form or email info@beyond.ly if you have any questions.