Comply Direct join the CEE Bill

We are excited to join 268 well respected signatories who support for a new law to tackle the climate and ecological emergency. Zero Hour is the campaign group behind the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (The CEE Bill).

Drafted by scientists, legal experts, ecological economists and environmentalists, The CEE Bill is designed specifically to reverse the climate and ecological breakdown we're facing. The Bill requires the UK to take responsibility for its fair share of greenhouse gas emissions, to actively restore biodiverse habitats, and to stop damaging our natural world through the production, transportation, and disposal of the goods we consume.

Declaring our support for the CEE Bill, will support the current lengthy process of taking the bill through parliament, which now has the support and backing of over 140 MPs and peers, as well as hundreds of organisations, businesses, and local council. You can view the full list of supporters here.

For more information on the CEE Bill and how you can join our shared commitment to ensure that the UK Government delivers a serious climate-nature emergency strategy, click here.