DEFRA release the proposed 2020 household WEEE collections targets

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) have released the proposed household WEEE collection targets for 2020 suggesting lowering them (12,601 tonnes) given the shortfall against achieving 2019 targets

Every year in March, DEFRA invites views from the industry in regards to the household WEEE collection targets ahead of finalising them by 31 March. Any comments need to be provided to DEFRA by 13 March 2020 and can be done via Comply Direct (via phone on 01756 794 951 or email by 5pm on 12 March 2020) or direct to DEFRA

These targets determine the quantity of WEEE a household WEEE producer must fund, based on their market share

The proposed UK household WEEE collection target for 2020 is 537,976 tonnes. This is 35,439 tonnes more than the total amount of household WEEE collected and reported to the environment agencies in 2019. The proposed target for 2020 is 12,601 tonnes less than the 2019 target. However, there needs to be 35,000 more tonnes collected then recycled in 2020, than in 2019 to hit the new lower 2020 targets. The table below shows how this overall target has been allocated across the 14 categories of EEE. Producer Compliance Schemes will not be required to achieve individual collection targets for categories 2-10 provided they have achieved the aggregate of those targets overall.

In 2019 the Environment Agency published revised protocols for reporting of Large Household Appliances (LHA) and Small Mixed WEEE (SMW) which were to be used from January 2020. In order to maintain consistency between trend data and establishing proposed targets for 2020 the new protocol for these categories been applied to the historical data.

The new protocol was applied to historical data for LHA and SMW, and was the starting point for setting targets which has been to undertake a five-year trend forecast to identify the total tonnage for collection of each individual category of WEEE in 2020. This forecast suggests a household WEEE collection target of 508,534 tonnes in 2020.

From the five-year forecast in each category of WEEE, manual adjustments have been made where the previous growth trend is not judged to be reflective of current market dynamics, or where the forecast is judged to provide for too conservative targets. This has meant targets for individual categories have been increased above the trend by an average of 6% to arrive at an overall household collection target of 537,976.

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