Environment Agency confirm our full compliance with the WEEE Regulations for 2019

Comply Direct are delighted to announce that our WEEE Declaration of Compliance has been accepted for the 2019 compliance period - continuing our 100% record of compliance since our inception

The WEEE declaration of compliance can only be declared satisfactory if Comply Direct have met their legal obligations under the WEEE Regulations. A number of factors are reviewed by the EA before confirmation of acceptance such as whether;

  • the basic information has been properly completed on the declaration
  • there is consistency between the declaration, evidence on the Settlement Centre and scheme quarterly return data
  • the data given in the declaration is accurate

Producer compliance schemes issue a declaration of compliance either through having funded enough WEEE recycling and/or confirmed payment of appropriate compliance fee.

At Comply Direct, our first priority is to ensure compliance for our members, closely followed by our second priority of doing this in the most commercially viable manner. We feel we have delivered this successfully for 2019, which falls in with our 100% record of compliance since we were approved as a WEEE compliance scheme in 2007.

All Comply Direct WEEE members can now consider themselves to have been fully compliant with the UK WEEE Regulations for the 2019 compliance year and can be confident that the certificates of compliance are fully validated by the Environment Agency.

In addition, we just want to reassure that we are fully operational and are here to support with WEEE collections and member’s 2020 WEEE submissions.

If you have any questions about the WEEE declaration of compliance, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the WEEE compliance team - weee@complydirect.com / 01756 794 951