Members of Beyondly donate £49,199 to charity as part of their customer loyalty programme!

In October 2022, Beyondly launched their new Customer Impact Rewards initiative, created to provide a member benefit with an improved impact on our environment and society. The first year has come to an end with exceptional results.

In alignment with Beyondly’s materiality assessment (designed to help you identify and understand the relative importance of specific ESG and sustainability topics to your stakeholders), 5 charities were chosen to be involved in the programme, giving Beyondly members the choice on how they would like to create a better, fairer, sustainable world for all. These charities include, National Oceanography Centre, The Cellar Trust, Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust, The Toy Trust and WasteAid.

This initiative rewards members with Impact Tokens throughout the compliance year based on various actions, which demonstrate ongoing support and dedication to the partnership with Beyondly.

Beyondly’s chosen charities have all shared how this donation will support them over the next year and how the funds will be spent.

Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust – support the planting of over 1,000 trees in woodlands local to Beyondly’s Skipton office (Settle, Bolton Abbey, and Patley Bridge).

The Toy Trust – support new areas of need, including food and baby banks as well as specialist charities working with neurodivergent children.

WasteAid – contribute to WasteAids Organics Programme in The Gambia, which will tackle food insecurity and deforestation by creating a Circular Approach.

National Oceanography Centre (NOC) – support NOCs work with the Commission to develop a government policy on plastics over the entire lifecycle of the material.

The Cellar Trust – contribute to their existing HOPE (Hold On Pain Ends) programme, supporting people who have experience continued or complex mental health challenges.

The impact of these donations will continue to be shared across the next 12 months, as Beyondly continue to work with these chosen charities for another year as part of the customer loyalty programme.

Liz Wood, Sustainability Manager and Principal Consultant at Beyondly, shared her thoughts on the first year of the initiative;

“Our new customer loyalty programme was developed as a way to connect our customers with charities that align with Beyondly’s purpose ‘to lead, inspire and educate to positively impact society and the environment’. It has been so exciting throughout this first year of the scheme to see customers interact with the online portal and allocate the rewards they have earned to charities that resonate most with their organisation. Customers have been able to earn rewards for loyalty, survey responses and sharing our values (yes - we reward other BCORPs who work with us too!). We are excited to continue raising awareness of our loyalty programme and continue to support our customers to achieve positive environmental and social impacts.”

Beyondly look forward to working with the charities mentioned for another year, until they introduce 5 new charities in October 2024.

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