2022 Q2 WEEE Collected Data Published

The 2022 Q2 WEEE data released early September indicates that the UK are not on track to meet the household WEEE recycling target for 2022.

Producer compliance schemes have been set a target to collect a total of 511,377 tonnes of WEEE in 2022, which is an increase of 4% on the 2021 target. The targets were set in March 2022 and appeared challenging in consideration of the impact the pandemic caused on previous years of data, being difficult to account for.

The WEEE recycling data published by the Environment Agency for Q2 (April to June inclusive) this year, shows that UK collections are at 46% of the annual totals. At this halfway point in the year, we would expect to be closer to the 50% mark.

The data published below shows that a total of 120,852 tonnes of household WEEE was collected in Q1, compared to the lower total of 115,184 tonnes for Q2. Collections in small mixed WEEE, cooling and PV panels were all slightly higher in the second quarter, with large household appliances, display equipment and lamps all being slightly lower.

Table 1.1 – Comparison of WEEE collected in Q1 and Q2

Table 1.2 - How each individual category is tracking towards their target.

The reduction in number of tonnes collected of large household appliances could be influenced by the cost-of-living crisis, as large appliances are often collected upon delivery of a new item and with the cost-of-living crisis impacting expenditure, that could already account for a decline in large household collections seen in Q2. If the recycling levels continue to be at a lower level in Q3 and Q4, there may be a need for more compliance schemes to use the Compliance Fee to meet their 2022 obligations.

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