2022 WEEE collection targets confirmed

On the 28 March 2022, the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) released the final household WEEE collection targets for the 2022 compliance year.

The proposed UK household WEEE collection target for 2022 is confirmed at 511,377 tonnes, which is 4.25% higher than the WEEE reported as collected in 2021. It is however worth considering that 2020 collection data was not factored into the target as it was an exceptional year due to covid and the restrictions that were in place for collection activities. The target is allocated across the 14 categories as below (tonnes).

A trend of data since 2015 has been used to forecast tonnage that will be collected in 2022 by category, however, there has been some interventions such as:

  • Cat 14 – Due to the lifespan of these products only a small number are currently being collected, so the level has been set at the same as 2021.
  • Cat 13 – There is a declining trend in lamp collections due to the move from fluorescent lighting to LEDs which have a much longer lifespan. Therefore, the target has been revised downwards from the trend data.
  • Cat 11 – There has been a long-term trend in display equipment getting lighter as well as increased levels of secondary use, therefore the target matches the 2021 target.
  • Cat 3 – According to feedback, a lower proportion of WEEE in category 3 is collected from DCF’s (Designated collection facilities) therefore the target was revised downwards.
  • SMW (excluding cat 3) – Targets have been uplifted to pre-pandemic levels, this has been led by compulsory 1:1 take back at large retailers which was introduced in 2021. However, the impact is unlikely to have been felt due to the pandemic. Also, guidance has been updated to DCF’s that microwaves, heaters, and fans (previously collected as LDA (Large Domestic Appliance)) are now to be collected as SMW.

If you have any questions about these targets, please contact us on weee@complydirect.com and we will be happy to help.