Beyondly join Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) The Ocean Network

Beyondly join the Surfers Against Sewage (SAS) corporate partnership; The Ocean Network, because of their strong alignment with one of our key business focus areas, climate change.

As we progress through the 2022-2023 financial year, we are working to align our business approach, operations, key focuses, and company objectives with the Business for Good ethos as we move towards becoming B Corp certified.

As part of this journey, we conducted a materiality assessment survey in order to identify the most important issues to both our internal and external stakeholders. This process has allowed the assessment of different ESG topics, identifying level of importance from stakeholders for Beyondly to prioritise in the upcoming year.

Therefore, our decision to join The Ocean Network, supports one of these key focus areas: climate change. Taking up over 70% of the Earth’s surface, the ocean plays a fundamental role in tackling human-induced climate change, whilst also bearing the brunt of its impact.

Ocean Network

The Ocean Network are the perfect partner based on their 27 years of experience, becoming the UK’s most active and respected marine conservation charities. We have joined 250 like-minded brands, freelancers, businesses, and creatives, united in our passion for protecting our oceans, beaches, waves, and wildlife. As part of this network, we must ensure the voice of the ocean is heard within the climate crisis and raise awareness of the effect climate change is having on the ocean, and champion the oceans role as a key tool in tackling climate change.

Our membership will support The Ocean Network in the following areas:

  • Education project reaching thousands of young people all over the country, inspiring them to take action on plastic waste in their schools.
  • The support of over 700 towns and cities on their journey to becoming Plastic Free Communities.
  • Pressure on the Government to outlaw non-recyclable plastics, and on industry to take full responsibility for their plastic waste.
  • The UK’s largest network of over 100,000+ volunteers, empowering people to reduce their plastic use, clean up plastic pollution, and galvanise their communities to protect the marine environment.

We are passionate about ensuring our business positively impacts all, as well as inspiring other organisations to adopt the same culture, therefore we look forward to being active as part of our membership with The Ocean Network to educate our community on work of the SAS and The Ocean Network.

For more information about Surfers Against Sewage and The Ocean Network, visit their website here.