Comply Direct customer Metro Shipping lead the way toward a low carbon future...

Comply Direct's Carbon Management customer, Metro Shipping, offer innovative international trade solutions to hundreds of customers and has accelerated progress toward a low carbon future


The recent COP26 Climate conference held in Glasgow has put environmental sustainability in the forefront of a range of stakeholders’ minds, including the consumer, investors and even employees. 2021 has been a significant year for environmental announcements, with the UK Hydrogen and Net Zero strategies also released by government. With a rapidly shifting energy landscape, the complexities and challenges of global supply chains and increasing customer pressure, it can be difficult to know where to start.

As a leading supply chain, logistics and forwarding provider, Metro Shipping offer innovative international trade solutions to hundreds of customers, delivered from their head office in Birmingham, UK. Metro understands the need for action in terms of reducing emissions within its own operations and has this year accelerated progress toward a low carbon future.

Metro Shipping footprint

Metro partnered with environmental consultancy Comply Direct, to undertake an organisational carbon footprint exercise. This is the first step on the measure, target, reduce and offset carbon management pathway. The exercise extended to all areas under operational control within the UK and was conducted to the internationally recognised GHG Corporate Standard Protocol.

Metro is committed through their ISO 14001 system and associated targets to reduce their footprint. The organisation has also partnered with Comply Direct to purchase verified carbon offsets which allows Metro to take responsibility for the emissions already released, while taking steps to reduce emissions further going forward. The projects Metro support are aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals, and include protecting the rainforest in Brazil, providing clean cookstoves in Kenya and helping to assist the delivery of renewable energy to India, a country currently heavily reliant on coal. By supporting a range of initiatives, Metro hope to maximise the benefits of the projects they support. Beyond Metro’s own journey, the company has sought to understand the emissions associated with the freight and goods movements they facilitate.

Metro Shipping customers and their journey

The new MVT Eco module monitors the energy emissions, emission costs and CO2 equivalent emissions, of every consignment moved by Metro, by every mode, which means that shippers can monitor the environmental impact of their supply chains and participate in offset projects to eradicate their CO2 footprint. Metro hope this will help organisations to assess emissions across their supply chain, and to make informed decisions around forwarding options. Working alongside Comply Direct, Metro is also able to offer high quality, verified offsets allowing organisations to take responsibility for unavoidable emissions now.

The roadmap

There is increasing pressure on organisations to demonstrate their commitment to a low carbon future. Metro and Comply Direct are committed to helping their customers navigate towards a low carbon future.

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Access the Metro Case Study as a document here