Comply Direct host free webinar: Getting ready to support a circular economy!

Chaired by our Relationship Manager, Catherine Guy, our Resource Efficiency Leader, Chris Smith and Resource Efficiency Consultant, Charlotte Davies host a roundtable webinar to educate businesses on how to get on board with the Circular Economy!

Are you being asked to do more? Or to demonstrate what plans your business has to reduce its impact and engage with the Circular Economy?

Roundtable: Getting ready to support a circular economy - bring your customers and business on board!

Join us on Wednesday 21 September at 2.00pm

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The ongoing climate crisis and the warming of our planet needs rapid and real action to transition to renewable energy and reinvent and reduce the impact of how we produce and consume goods and services.

The last century has seen the world embrace a linear economy model where we ‘’take, make, use and dispose’’ and where a transition to renewable energy can only address 55% of emissions to tackle the climate crisis. It might surprise that the other 45% of emissions comes from producing the buildings, cars, clothes, food, and other products we use every day (World Economic Forum)

Consumers, producers, customers and policy makers have a great opportunity to work towards a circular economy and a growing number of recent legislative changes are aimed at delivering a circular economy and today we want to help kick start your journey!

The key aims of this webinar include:

  • What resource efficiency and the Circular Economy really mean and why they are important to consumers, governments and customers in achieving positive change and climate targets!
  • Outline what practical steps businesses can take to support a circular economy and how doing so can reduce costs under Plastic Packaging Tax and Extended Producer Responsibility
  • Highlight a range of waste optimisation, packaging design and resource efficiency initiatives that can kick start your journey to a circular business model
  • Discuss the business and stakeholder benefits of supporting a circular economy

To create a discussion you will find beneficial, please ask your questions on the registration page and we will look to cover as many of these as we can during the roundtable.

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