Comply Direct lobby for the introduction of a 2019 packaging compliance fee

On 29 May 2019, the Packaging Scheme Forum (of which Comply Direct are an active member) sent a communication to government proposing the introduction of a packaging compliance fee for the current compliance year.

This is in effort to ensure a mechanism is in place to allow producers and compliance schemes to achieve compliance even if the UK fails to meet its recycling targets in 2019.

The Packaging Scheme Forum (PSF) has been created and launched by the compliance sector, providing a broad collective voice for packaging compliance schemes to communicate with government during what is currently an important period of legislative change.

The current PRN system has a proven track record in meeting the packaging recycling targets, but this year it may not be possible due to the huge challenges facing plastic recycling. Aluminium also has specific challenges that need to be addressed. Both materials have higher recycling targets compared with 2018, resulting in a higher demand of PRNs, subsequently driving prices up. In addition, considering that both had poor recycling levels in Q1 this year, there is a lack of export markets following the loss of China and there are also delays in PRNs being generated, it is possible that there will be insufficient plastic PRNs for compliance schemes and producers to meet their obligations. Aluminium may face the same situation where there is insufficient evidence.

We continually strive to ensure that our members are protected as much as possible from price rises and in light of the current shortfall of plastic and aluminium recycling evidence, we are taking action in effort to make a positive difference, prevent PRN prices from spiralling further and provide surety that all of our members achieve compliance in 2019.

2019 Compliance Fee Survey – Request for your views

We would very much welcome your thoughts regarding the potential introduction of a compliance fee for packaging, so if you can please spare a few minutes to complete our survey on the following link, it'd be much appreciated: