Comply Direct & recycling partners launch WEEE & textiles recycling project on Broughton Estate

Broughton Hall Estate Recycling Project - the results are in!

Posted: 15 December 2021

Collectively, across just under a 3-week period, Broughton Estate gathered a brilliant total of 266 kilos of waste, including a mixture of waste electricals and textiles.

All of this waste will either be recycled or re-used to ensure a 100% diversion from landfill. Avena has collected and either reused or recycled all of the textiles collected from the Estate, whilst EWRG (Electrical Waste Recycling Group) have recycled all the electricals collected at their Huddersfield facility.

The raffle prizes from the project have been drawn and we would like to congratulate Daniel Webb, Phillip Corp and Christopher Jackson who are the winners of our external prizes, including a coat from our loyal member Regatta and a Lunch at Utopia, a café located and gifted by Broughton Hall Estate. In addition to this, congratulations to Liz Wood, a member of the team at Comply Direct who won our internal competition as part of the project, as we highly encouraged the team to get involved.

We would like to again thank EWRG and Avena for their support with this project, Regatta for their raffle prize contribution and Broughton Hall Estate for their raffle prize contribution and facilitating the project on the estate.

WEEE container on site at Broughton Hall Estate

Comply Direct work alongside EWRG, Avena and Regatta to launch electrical waste and textiles recycling project on Broughton Hall Estate

Posted: 24 September 2021

Click here to download our information flyer if you want to take part and be in with a chance of winning great prizes!

In line with the start of national Recycle Week in late September, Comply Direct launched an electrical waste and textiles recycling project, working alongside Electrical Waste Recycling Group (EWRG), Avena, Regatta and Broughton Hall Estate, near Skipton, North Yorkshire.

EWRG, who specialise in the recycling of electrical waste and Avena, who specialise in textiles recycling are Comply Direct’s trusted recycling partners who we work with to collect, treat, and recycle business’ waste electricals and textiles from across the UK.

Old textiles and waste electricals are two of the largest waste streams in the UK, with the nation producing 2 million tonnes of electrical waste and 200k tonnes of textiles waste per year, and the majority of which is ending up in landfill. Comply Direct want to provide an opportunity to the public to recycle their old waste electricals and textiles, helping boost recycling levels and reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.

Recycle Week is an annual event designed to celebrate and promote the benefits of recycling, creating opportunities to implement positive change, helping to protect our planet. The theme for this year’s Recycle Week is ‘Step it up this Recycle Week’, chosen to urge everyone to step up and support recycling initiatives across the UK, fighting climate change together. This is an important theme to continue beyond just one week in the year.

EWRG and Avena have each provided a recycling container to Comply Direct’s site on Broughton Hall Estate, near Skipton. From now until 15 October, the public are invited to bring in all their old electricals and textiles for recycling and in return will be provided with a raffle ticket (per item for electrical waste, per bag for textiles) giving them the chance to win amazing prices from Comply Direct’s loyal member Regatta, as well as Broughton Hall’s famous Utopia restaurant and more.

This project has arisen due to a successful electrical waste recycling initiative Comply Direct carried out in April with local North Yorkshire primary schools. The brilliant success of this project led to expansion of the project to cover a different demographic and expand the chosen products for recycling, increasing the opportunity for recycling in our local area. Read the full news story covering the school recycling project here.

Comply Direct are thrilled to have EWRG and Avena’s support and be working with them once again on this exciting project.

Watch this space to find out the total amount of electrical waste and textiles collected as part of this recycling initiative.

If you have any questions about what items you can and can't recycle with us, please contact us - / 01756 794 951