Comply Direct's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Membership

Comply Direct joined CPD in 2018 to ensure our select training courses deliver the upmost benefit to our attendees. Following success over the years offering CPD accredited courses to our members in relation to their packaging data submission, we are excited to extend this and offer CPD accredited courses around the UK Plastic Packaging Tax

As a CPD member we submit our training courses and events material for formal review to the CPD team of experienced Assessors to authorise the course as accredited. By doing this, it allows us to provide a structured approach to learning, helping our prospects and members across industries to take part in conscious and proactive learning, supporting the need for individual development.

The benefits of a CPD accredited course includes:

  • Increased confidence in abilities
  • Increased credibility
  • Ability to exemplify commitment to growth
  • Increased ability to reach career goals
  • Ability to cope with industry change by constantly updating skill set
  • Chance to fill in gaps in competencies and knowledge

Our NEW CPD accredited Plastic Tax Workshop aims to formalise Plastic Tax training, and the CPD accreditation not only qualifies the expertise and professionalism of the training we provide, but also allows attendees to gain a certificate for attending and to count the hours towards their continuous professional development for chartership reasons.

For more information on our CPD membership, or if you are interested in our Plastic Tax Workshop, please do get in touch at