Customer Focus: Stocksigns Ltd work to create positive social and environmental change!

Stocksigns Ltd accelerate their carbon management strategy by carrying out a full company carbon footprint (including scope 3), purchasing verified carbon offsets and now begin to look into Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG).


Stocksigns Ltd is the leading UK manufacturer and supplier of health and safety signs, custom made signs and signage accessories, having spent over 60 years at the forefront of signage innovation.

The Managing Director of Stocksigns Ltd approached Comply Direct with a need to accelerate their carbon management strategy, amidst the pressure from investors and customers that all businesses are now facing, and a desire to create positive social and environmental change.

The opportunity

Stocksigns Ltd is committed to protecting our planet by reducing emissions. Therefore, as their sustainability partner, Comply Direct conducted a carbon footprint assessment, looking at their Scope 1, Scope 2 and selected Scope 3 emissions, with the aim of setting a baseline and targets towards achieving reductions in emissions over time. Through understanding their Carbon footprint, Stocksigns Ltd were then able to progress on their carbon journey and purchased Verified Carbon Standard Offsets through Comply Direct to take responsibility for their residual emissions. The carbon offsetting projects available also hold a variety of biodiversity, social and renewable technology benefits, creating the perfect foundations for Stocksigns as they now begin to look into Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG). After initial discussions, in which we took the time to understand the business and their unique challenges, Stocksigns Ltd were in no doubt that our inhouse specialists would guide them through this process and bring meaningful value to their organisation.

The solution

  • Calculated Stocksigns Ltd’s carbon footprint to the internationally recognised GHG Protocol Standard including scope 1, scope 2 and selected scope 3 emissions (waste, business travel and mileage claims – chosen due to their large impact, the potential the company has to influence reductions in these areas, and that they are categories deemed most critical by stake holders).
  • Conducted a virtual energy audit to highlight recommendations for improvement which involved-
    • A discussion of the company’s aims and targets
    • An overview of business activities
    • Scoping of the carbon footprint
    • Energy management matrix exercise
    • Energy related legislation discussion
    • In-depth look at heating controls, insulation, lighting controls and waste processes
    • A discussion of paths to net zero / carbon neutrality
  • Produced a comprehensive carbon footprint report including analysis of energy and carbon footprint data and a list of detailed recommendations and next steps broken down by type and cost.
  • Purchased carbon offsets as a means to take responsibility for residual emissions whilst working on reducing the footprint. The Verified Carbon Standard offsets support a range of global projects that are aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, including protecting the Amazon Rainforest, supplying safe, clean energy-efficient cooking facilities in Kenya, and delivering renewable energy through wind generation in India.
  • Planted UK trees alongside these offsets across school grounds, parks, farms and woodlands providing wildlife habitats and bringing educational and community benefits.

The results

Stocksigns Ltd reviewed the results and used the report as a guide for executing a carbon plan and making positive sustainability changes. They are also looking into their wider sustainability strategy and where further improvement can be made.

Stocksigns Ltd's thoughts:

“Comply Direct were recommended to us by a trusted supplier. We had a need to progress our Carbon stance, but as an SME we were nervous as to how this may manifest itself. From the outset, all our fears were dispelled as the service, support and execution of a Carbon Plan were professionally managed. We have since engaged their services to support our CSR/ ESG programme and once again have been delighted with the way in which they take on the challenge.

I would be delighted to endorse Comply Direct on any platform.”

If you would like to work out your businesses carbon footprint, request a non-obligatory proposal from our solutions team at, or call 01756 794 951.