DEFRA propose 12% increase for 2019 household WEEE collection targets

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) have released the first draft of the proposed household WEEE collection targets for 2019 suggesting a 12% increase from 2018. Every year in March, DEFRA invites views from the industry in regards to the household WEEE collection targets ahead of finalising them by 31 March 2018. Any comments need to be provided to DEFRA by Monday 11 March 2019 and can be done via Comply Direct (via phone or email by 5pm on 7 March 2019) or direct to DEFRA

These targets determine the quantity of WEEE a household WEEE producer must fund, based on their market share.

The proposed overall UK WEEE collection target for 2019 is 550,132 tonnes. This is 57,717 tonnes (12 %) higher than the total amount of household WEEE collected and reported in 2018.

The 2019 target is proposed to be split out by category as below. Please note that obligations in categories 2-10 do not have to be met by individual category but rather as a combined total.

In terms of achieving the EU member state collection target: This rises to 65% in 2019, from a previous target of 45% of the weight of all electrical and electronic equipment (household and non-household) put on the market averages over the previous three years.

See table below for 2018 % collection rate v's the proposed 2019 % collection rate

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