Environment Agency release the verified recycling data for Q2 2020

On 10 August, the Environment Agency released the verified recycling data for Q2 2020

There have been minor changes to the initial progress we saw upon the original unverified data release in July. This verified data has very much solidified our findings from the unverified figures, which is a positive picture and proves that we are in a strong position across the board for all materials.

Our Procurement Leader Ash Clay commented on the data release: "In a quarter when recycling levels weren’t necessarily expected to be quite as strong as previous months by all stakeholders, the recycling sector seems to have proved yet again that despite current circumstances, positive strides continue to be made towards hitting our annual recycling targets”.

Figures 1.1 and 1.2 below show the updated standings with and without carry in, since our initial analysis of the unverified Q2 data release which can be found HERE

Figure 1.1 - Verified Q2 2020 recycling rates without carry in levels

Figure 1.2 - Verified Q2 2020 recycling rates with carry in levels

If you have any questions regarding this recycling data, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Account Manager directly, our Procurement Leader Ash Clay, or our packaging team on 01756 794 951 / packaging@complydirect.com