Environment Agency release the verified recycling data for Q3 2019

On Monday 11 November, the Environment Agency released the verified recycling data for Q3 2019

There have been minor changes to the initial progress we saw upon the original unverified data release in October.

Figures 1.1 and 1.2 below show the updated recycling levels with and without carry in since our initial analysis of the unverified Q3 data release which can be found HERE

Figure 1.1: Verified Q3 2019 recycling rates without carry in levels

Figure 1.2: Verified Q3 2019 recycling rates with carry in levels included

Plastic and Aluminium remain the key materials to watch as we move through Q4 towards the end of the year, as they both are still very tight to target. Plastic has shown real progress and has had a strong Q3 to reach 76% without carry in included, however, Aluminium remains behind its target if carry in is not taken into account. As both materials are still only just reaching target , uncertainty in the market may well continue, however, the Q3 data has shown the UK to be in a more positive position for these materials when compared to the start of the year.

Other materials are performing very strongly, including both Paper and Wood which have already hit their material specific targets. These PRNs will now most certainly be contributing to filling the UK’s ‘General Recycling’ obligation.

We will soon be running another PRN update webinar for our packaging members on Wednesday 27 November at 10am during which we’ll look at the data more closely and also touch on pricing, as well as looking ahead to 2020. You can register your free place on the webinar here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/2603402043937769987

If you have any questions regarding this recycling data and/or our upcoming webinars, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Account Manager directly, myself or our packaging team on 01756 794 951 / packaging@complydirect.com