Focus on: Susanna Jackson, our sustainability & carbon expert

We're pleased to introduce our expert helping companies to achieve their sustainability goals, Susanna Jackson, and showcase our extensive carbon consultancy offering...

Susanna Jackson, Senior Environmental Data Analyst

About Susanna

My background includes a Master’s Degree in Climate Change and Environmental Policy, I have completed IEMA certified courses in Carbon Management and Environmental Management, and have Associate IEMA membership. In my role at Comply Direct, I assist our customers with their sustainability requirements; I am passionate about helping companies assess their carbon and energy impacts, and identify opportunities to reduce these and achieve their sustainability goals.

Comply Direct’s Carbon Consultancy Service

Following the government’s commitment in 2019 to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050, we recognise that carbon management and Net Zero goals have become a new focus for many companies. Increasing environmental awareness in recent years has increased the onus on businesses to be transparent in reporting and developing environmental objectives to reduce their negative environmental impacts.

We are here to help companies assess where they are now, where they want to be, and help provide a plan on how to get there. There are a range of services we offer which we can tailor to each company’s requirements and goals:

  • Carbon footprinting - we can provide advice on scoping what to include in your carbon footprint, the data required and provide technical support with carbon footprint calculations to the approved GHG protocol
  • Carbon and energy audit - we can conduct a desktop or onsite based audit of your facilities, energy management practices, and how energy is being used to identify and recommend areas for improvement
  • Target setting - we can help advise you on setting emission reduction targets, including science-based targets which are developed in line with what the latest climate science says is needed to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement
  • Carbon offsetting - we can advise you on the best carbon offsets to purchase for your business, and even supply these for you
  • ESOS consultancy - we can guide obligated companies through the ESOS regulations and ensure compliance with the lead assessors we work with, to help identify energy saving opportunities
  • SECR consultancy - we can fully take care of SECR compliance for obligated companies, including determining reporting requirements, calculating energy use and associated emissions in line with the GHG protocol, and producing the final report for you to put into your accounts
  • ISO 14001 consultancy - we can support you with achieving and maintaining an Environmental Management System in line with the ISO14001 standard

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Comply Direct Carbon Consultancy - How we can help businesses achieve their carbon reduction & sustainability goals

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During this webinar we will provide a comprehensive overview of our carbon consultancy services, including carbon footprinting, carbon reduction strategy, carbon offsetting and Net Zero emissions. As climate change is the defining issue of our time, investing in sustainability is becoming increasingly paramount for businesses, so we will share how we can help your business achieve its carbon reduction and sustainability goals, as well as the economic and environmental benefits of doing so for both your organisation and the wider environment.

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