Member Focus: Mosdorfer CCL Systems Ltd kick start their carbon reduction journey!

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Mosdorfer CLL Systems Ltd is a manufacturer and distributor of medium and high voltage fittings for overhead transmission and distribution lines (T&D). It is the UK based (T&D) company in the global company group Knill Gruppe, whose mission is to “provide the best solutions for energy system operators”.


Mosdorfer CLL Systems Ltd joined Comply Direct as a packaging compliance member in 2014 to address their producer responsibility obligations. As a business that is dedicated to improving their environmental performance and the sustainability of their global operations, they reached out to Comply Direct as one of our loyal members, to create a carbon footprint for their only UK site.


The opportunity


As a global business who are proactive in addressing their environmental performance, alongside increasing pressure from their biggest customers, this carbon footprint project was the perfect opportunity for them to focus on their green credentials and progress on their net zero journey. This was the key driver to complete this activity and the start of a positive journey for Mosdorfer CCL Systems Ltd.


The aim of this project was to establish the current carbon footprint for scope 1, 2, and selected scope 3 emissions for their UK operations site in Rutland.


The solution


To support Mosdorfer CCL Systems Ltd with their carbon footprint calculations, Comply Direct:



    • Calculated their July 2021 – June 2022 scope 1, 2 and selected 3 (Waste generated in operations, Business travel & Employee commuting) emissions, allowing Mosdorfer CLL Systems Ltd to identify patterns of consumptions and their largest emitting sources. These scope 3 emissions were identified due to their large impact and the potential the company has to influence reductions in these areas.


    • Provided options for carbon reduction and the pathways for how to get there aligned with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).


    • Conducted an onsite carbon and energy audit, providing recommendations for improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions.


    • Identified one of their biggest sources of emissions and provided a fully costed recommendation for replacing this.


    • Produced a comprehensive carbon footprint report including analysis of energy and carbon footprint data and a list of detailed recommendations.



The results


Mosdorfer CCL Systems Ltd reviewed the results and used the report to address and explore further the most significant sources of emissions within their business. They have explored:



    • Alternative heat sources to move away from kerosene.


    • Replacing their remaining two diesel powered forklift trucks with high powered electric trucks to eliminate the use of DERV diesel and associated emissions completely.


    • The feasibility, potential cost outlay and subsequent payback period of installing solar panels on suitable roofs throughout the site to generate some of their own electricity.



Mosdorfer CLL Systems Ltd’s thoughts


“Thanks again for the report and helping us to kick start our carbon reduction journey, we really appreciate your help.”


SHEQ Manager


For enquiries around carbon management please contact Comply Direct at