Our partner OSO Environmental leads the way in pursuit of a circular economy

Our partner, Leeds-based waste recycler OSO Environmental, is working with our loyal packaging member Leeds Vacuum Formers which has enabled them to achieve their goal of recycling 100% of their plastic waste

*Official press release*

OSO Environmental is leading the way in helping businesses work towards becoming part of a truly circular economy by enabling them to eliminate waste through reprocessing, recycling and eventual re-purchase.

The Environment Agency accredited UK Waste Recycler predominately purchases plastic waste materials from manufacturers for re-processers, who then reprocess the Polyethylene waste into recycled pellets for sale back into the manufacturing industry.

Carol Cox, managing director of OSO Environmental, said: “The circular economy is a system of resource utilisation where reduction, reuse and recycling triumph. This strategic environmental approach is gaining in popularity, and rightly so, as it ensures we are encouraging the right behaviours for generations to come.”

“Working alongside re-processors, we are striving towards closing the loop completely for recycled plastic waste here in the UK.”

Most recently, OSO Environmental helped fellow Leeds business, Leeds Vacuum Formers (LVF) achieve its aim of recycling 100 per cent of its plastic waste.

All the polythene waste generated by LVF at its National Road manufacturing facility – the vast majority of which is wrapping for pallets of raw material delivered by its suppliers – is now recycled and resold by OSO. Prior to this, the waste would have gone into LVF’s general waste skip and ended its life in landfill.

“Nigel and the team at LVF are extremely forward thinking when it comes to recycling,” continued Carol. “The work they’ve done over the years has put them in an enviable position as far as the plastic packaging industry goes. Therefore, to be able to help them take the final stride to achieving their 100 per cent plastic waste recycling target is something we’re proud to have played a part in.”

The OSO Group specialises in the recycling of Polyethylene and other polymer-based products, such as PET, HDPE, PP and PS, working with other re-processors and manufacturers to support them with various environmental obligations, including preparations for the implementation of the plastic packaging tax in 2022.

For additional information on OSO and to find out how they can help your business achieve its recycling and environmental goals, visit: www.osoenvironmental.com

For more on Leeds Vacuum Formers visit: www.leedsvacform.com