Q2 WEEE collected data: Indicates a compliance fee may be required for 2019

Latest WEEE collected data released by the Environment Agency (2 September) demonstrates that less WEEE was collected in Q2, in comparison to the first 3 months of 2019

You can read our analysis of the Q1 WEEE collected data HERE

Overall, 626 tonnes less WEEE was collected in Q2 than Q1; the largest fluctuation is in category 1 where 2503 tonnes less was collected this quarter compared to last. This means the UK is continuing to fall behind the set targets and if the average values continue for the rest of the year, the indicated extrapolation would lead to the UK missing its total targets for 2019 by 11%, with small mixed WEEE (SMW) coming in at around 82%. In total, as a country we could potentially miss the 2019 target by more than 60,000 tonnes.

The graph below shows the percentage of WEEE collected per category in Q2 2019. The purple line indicates where the figures should be at this point in the year (half-way through 2019) to be on track to meet the set targets for the year, highlighting we are behind target for all categories.

WEEE collection targets have been missed for the past 2 years and if this is the case for 2019 as well, some schemes will need to utilise the compliance fee in order to achieve compliance for their members. This could be a significant fee for 2019 and as in previous years, the cost would be passed on to producers.

This data supports the issues we already know are impacting the WEEE recycling sector; being below 50% at this point in the year is of considerable concern. Small mixed WEEE (SMW) is of particular concern sitting at 41% which is substantially behind its 50% target. We are also expecting SMW to take a further hit due to the impacts of POPs and hazardous waste in WEEE plastics research performed by ICER on behalf of the WEEE Fund. You can read more about POPs in plastics and its impact on WEEE recycling HERE

If you have any queries with regards to this data or how WEEE producers may be affected, please don't hesitate to contact us on weee@complydirect.com or call 01756 794 951