Our Rebrand Story

Illustration - Someone making announcement with a megaphone

We are beyond excited to announce our new name and brand…

We are Beyondly.

At the heart of our business is our planet and we are constantly working towards a brighter tomorrow.

We are proud of our Comply Direct legacy and the transformative journey we’ve been on over the years since our inception. Our Executive Chairman Gareth Roberts founded the business in 2006 to fill a gap in the market for a customer centric environmental company.

In line with the ever-changing world, our business is continually evolving. Preserving and protecting our home must be a collective effort and the action needed now far exceeds environmental compliance obligations. 

Our name and brand change from Comply Direct to Beyondly was a natural necessity. We need to be optimally positioned for supporting as many organisations as possible with reducing their environmental impact. 

Our customers, partners and wider community benefit from our knowledge and support to help them become more confident about all their environmental choices; from compliance, to achieving a circular economy, and going beyond net zero. The move to Beyondly provides us with the best brand to represent that we can (and already do!) help with all these areas.

Beyondly better reflects our B Corp and business for good ethos, whilst ensuring adaptability and longevity as the world evolves and our customer needs develop further.

Want to know even more about our rebrand?

We know this is a big change and you may have queries about our rebrand, so we've created a handy FAQs document and slide deck about our full journey from Comply Direct to Beyondly...

Hear from our Managing Director Jess...

“Our business has always had the ethos to continually strive for a better way and this has undoubtedly been pivotal to our growth and evolution as a business. 

Through this evolution, we have gone way beyond environmental compliance to become a purpose driven organisation with a vision of a better, fairer, sustainable world for all.

We have expanded our service offering into the consultancy arena to meet customer demand, and to help us deliver against our purpose and realise our vision, and whilst Comply Direct will always hold a very special place in our hearts, we felt it no longer represented who we are, what we can offer, and where we’re heading.

We’re all thrilled about the rebrand which we feel encapsulates all that we are, and we are very excited about the future and the impact we can have in this world today, tomorrow, and Beyond(ly).”