Preparing for packaging EPR

Prepare your packaging for EPR and avoid increased costs from fee modulation. Go beyond packaging recyclability!

The UK Government are reforming the packaging compliance system from Packaging Waste Directive 2007 to an Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) format. The reform aims to reduce packaging and improve packaging recyclability.
Under the reformed EPR system the cost of collecting and managing household packaging waste will shift from local authorities to packaging producers. From 2026 these fees will be modulated based on business packaging format and recyclability.
Fee Modulation – the increase of fees to incentivise producers to make more sustainable decisions when designing or purchasing packaging. The phase ‘adjusted’ can also be used by Defra.

Are you ready for 2025?

The harder to recycle packaging formats and materials will equate to higher EPR waste management fees for businesses. Changes to packaging takes time and requires input from varying teams, so Beyondly urge businesses to take action now and review packaging recyclability.

It is generally accepted by industry that packaging recyclability is heavily influenced by three key aspects:

  1. How easy it is for consumers to put the packaging into recycling collections e.g., is the material collected from kerbside?
  2. Whether the UK’s recycling infrastructure will collect that material/packaging combination and how effectively it will be recycled and reprocessed into secondary raw materials or recyclate
  3. The available market for that materials recyclate, where it can be utilised in place of raw or virgin material in manufacturing a product
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Packaging Scanning

Projects starting from £1,200 plus VAT

Beyondly can apply industry knowledge and expertise to screen your packaging portfolio, using a RAG approach (Red, Amber, Green) to identify problematic materials and formats. Our team of packaging experts will help you understand what the increase to your EPR Waste Management Fees could be, as well as provide recommendations to increase your packaging recyclability.

*A second estimation will be provided once we have the confirmed fees from Defra.

Create your perfect Packaging Scanning solution, by adding the following...

·       Review of the waste hierarchy and discuss how your company is engaged with the circular economy – rethink your packaging, reuse and closed loop approaches! 

·       Guidance on recyclability labelling, ahead of mandatory labelling from 2026* for all primary and shipment packaging

                *2027 for films and flexible packaging

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Chris Smith (CRWM)
Lead Consultant - Resource Efficiency & Circularity
Charlotte Davies (AIEMA)
Senior Consultant - Resource Efficiency & Circularity
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Packaging EPR – Incentivising packaging recyclability through modulated fees!

Obligated for packaging EPR?

Achieve compliance with UK packaging waste regulations, including EPR. Beyondly provide a smarter way to fulfil your packaging obligation.