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Circular Economy

Beyondly help businesses improve resource efficiency and close the loop on packaging and business waste 

We are committed to adapting our offerings to the changing requirements of the regulations, all of which aim to increase recyclability, minimise waste and reduce costs in support of creating a circular economy. 
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Prepare your packaging for EPR!

Prepare your packaging for EPR and avoid increased costs from fee modulation. Go beyond packaging recyclability! The harder to recycle packaging formats and materials will equate to higher EPR waste management fees for businesses. Changes to packaging takes time and requires input from varying teams, so Beyondly urge businesses to take action now and review packaging recyclability.

Optimise your packaging!

Zero Waste to Landfill

Go beyond recycling and achieve accreditation for diverting all business waste from landfill.

We can help your organisation optimise its waste footprint by setting realistic goals and developing a strategy to work towards a zero waste to landfill certification, helping to improve your resource efficiency and cut business costs. This will be focused upon diverting non-hazardous waste streams from landfill through following the waste hierarchy.

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Zero Waste Training!

This CPD (Continuing Professional Development) accredited online training workshop will furnish you with the tools to develop a business roadmap to prepare for the circular economy and maximum resource efficiency, including a key action plan to achieve Zero Waste to Landfill.

Thank you to Beyondly for providing such a comprehensive report that helped us to understand the main opportunities and risks for applying the principles of a circular economy in the UK toy industry.

Looking for a bespoke project? 

Our circular economy offering enables organisations to put their closed resource loop aspirations into action. We provide tailored opportunity recommendations to help close the circle on waste in your business operations and work towards ensuring the materials you handle are continual resources.
We strive to provide you with the data, knowledge and tools you require to drive impactful change and make our planet a better place to be.
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Working with the British Toy & Hobby Association

“I would like to thank the Beyondly team for producing such a comprehensive report that helped us to understand the main opportunities and risks for applying the principles of a circular economy in the UK toy industry. We found the range of recommended potential actions, from short to long term, most helpful to support us in taking this work forward in 2023.”

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Green Claims Code

Our projects will give you the confidence to make accurate and impactful environmental claims, in adherence with Green Claims Code, giving your customers confidence in your brand.

‘Green claims’ show how a product, service, brand, or business provides benefits, or is less harmful to the environment.  However it is important not to mislead your customers, this is known as greenwashing.

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