Comply Direct become a member of OPRL

Comply Direct are excited to support and become a member of the award winning On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL), as the scheme drives towards a simple, consistent, and UK-wide recycling message on both retailer and brand packaging, whilst giving us the tools to further support our members with their packaging recyclability.

OPRL is a non-profit organisation which aims to collaborate across the packaging cycle to drive circularity and transformation in packaging resource efficiency, working with businesses to streamline labelling and provide insight into packaging recyclability.

As part of our membership, OPRL gives us access to their PREP (Packaging Recyclability Evaluation Portal) Tool, allowing us to support our customers to classify the recyclability of consumer packaging for products sold in the UK. This furnishes us with the ability to advise why an item is not recyclable and provide the information and support our customers need to modify packaging design. For information on our services click here.

In addition to this, as a member of OPRL we provide recycling guidance to consumers using the most recognised and acted upon reuse and recycling label scheme in the UK. More importantly we support the need for a consistent and simple, UK-wide recycling message on both retailer and brand packaging, alleviating consumer frustrations and reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

OPRL are also currently running a #makeiteasy campaign, to request the Government to legislate for a single label for recycling. Despite this being considered by the Government within Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), it is expected that businesses can decide for themselves what the label will look like, leading to inevitable confusion. You can support the #makeiteasy campaign and sign the petition here.

We are excited to support OPRL as their campaign grows and use their tool to support our members and customers through the changes expected from Extended Producer Responsibility and the UK Plastic Packaging Tax.

For more information on OPRL click here to visit their website.